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New road safety charter signed in Brussels

The iconic "Grand Place" (literally "Big Square") in the centre of Brussels, built mainly between 1696 and 1704. Its beautiful façades are a mixture of baroque and Renaissance architecture. During Christmas evening, there's a light festival at dusk, as well as christmas markets.

The town of Brussels officially declared the SAVE road safety charter on Monday. The charter has seven objects, all aimed to ensure and encourage road safety, according to local press reports.

“We are therefore implementing a structural policy to guarantee the maximum safety of our acquaintances and particularly of our taxpayers. By signing this charter we’re putting even more priority about this”

The charter has seven objects. Primarily, it calls for an exhaustive road safety review. Following this, it seeks to redress the verge of road users, using pedestrians forthcoming , then cyclists, public transport, and lastly, private transport.

Last, the charter also requires to your freedom policy to be accommodated in order to educate kids and young people. Road safety days will soon be organised in schools, and areas where children and young people congregate will”systematically” be made safer.

The SAVE charter has also been implemented in a lot of different areas in Belgium, for example Balen, Lint, Zandhoven, Zemst plus much more.

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