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Police in hot pursuit crash into house

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Police in hot pursuit crash into house

A police patrol car involved in a police
chase ended up crashing into the front of a house in Brussels on Monday.  Youngsters had earlier hurled projectiles at
a second vehicle involved in the incident.

It was shortly before 7PM that police
spotted two mopeds driving dangerously and without numberplates in the vicinity
of the Prins Leopold Square in Laken (City of Brussels).  When the police wanted to stop and question
the drivers one driver hit the ground and fled on foot.  Police started a chase. 

Brussels police say youngsters from the
neighbourhood then hurled all kinds of projectiles at the patrol.  Police feared for their safety and extra
officers were dispatched to the scene.  Calm
returned when they arrived.

A little later a second patrol vehicle
noticed the moped driver that had fled the scene on foot.  Officers attempted to stop the youngster but
their vehicle crashed into the front of a house.  The police say nobody was injured but the two
moped drivers couldn’t be detained.

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