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Three suspects arrested after a massive fight in Blankenberge

The three men from Brussels, who were arrested this weekend after the mass brawl on the beach of Blankenberge, have been arrested by the investigating judge. The three are suspected of deliberate assault and battery and armed rebellion. Remarkably, the three appeared in bare tops or barefoot before the investigating judge.

A massive brawl took place on the beach of Blankenberge on Saturday in the late afternoon. Dozens of young people attacked each other and used material from beach bars, such as umbrellas and sticks, as weapons. Images of the incidents showed how various young people turned against the police.

According to our information, some 50 young people from Brussels, who were already known for previous facts, were involved in the fight, possibly in a youth gang. 20 juveniles were arrested, 3 suspects eventually had to appear before the investigating judge, who decided to arrest the three on suspicion of deliberate assault and battery and armed rebellion. On Friday they have to appear before the council chamber, which will then decide whether to stay arrested.

According to Olivia Delille, the lawyer of a 19-year-old Belgian suspect with Haitian roots, her client denies that he was involved in the brawl. He admits that he was rebellious towards the police. “He allegedly hit the police, causing him to injure someone, but he denies that. According to his statement, he himself intervened to stop the fight between one of his gang friends and the cop.” The suspect already has many facts in his criminal record, his lawyer admits: “He already has at least 18 offenses, including for aggression. He has also been in a juvenile institution, but he says he is not part of a gang. He knows the two others who have to appear before the investigating judge, but says he was not at the sea with them. ” According to his statement, he had come to the sea “to have fun”.

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