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“Together for Freedom” holds another demonstration against the coronavirus measures

Nicolas Maeterlinck

"Together for Freedom” holds another demonstration against the coronavirus measures

“Together for Freedom is holding another demonstration in Brussels today. The organisation that brings together several groups that oppose all or some of the measures and restrictions that are in force to curb the spread of coronavirus hopes that many thousands of people will take part. At a previous demonstration organised by “Together for Freedom” on 21 November 2021 around 35,000 people took to the capital’s streets to protest against the coronavirus restrictions. 

Although the demonstration itself was generally peacefully it was followed by scenes of violence and acts of vandalism as several hundred people battled with police and damaged property.

“Together for Freedom” brings together a number of organisations including “Viruswaanzin” (Virus Madness), The Human Side, Belgians for Freedom and dozens more.

The organisers of today’s march have called on “everyone that feels that something isn’t right” to join the demonstration. In a press statement the organisers says that today’s protest in a “peaceful demonstration”.

"We are organising a large demonstration for constitutional freedoms and human rights. Under the name of ‘Together for Freedom’ we are protesting against the measures that have restricted freedom for the past one and a half years. They have not offered a structural solution for the health care system and can no longer be justified”.

In order to prevent a repeat of the violence that has marred previous demonstrations against the coronavirus measures, the organisation has held several meetings with the Brussels-Capital-Elsene Local Police Service. The organisers will be deploying stewards to ensure that everything passes peacefully. The police say that sufficient officers will be deployed to police the protest.



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