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Antwerp civil servants banned from wearing LGBTQI+ pins to work

The city of Antwerp has banned its own civil servants by wearing a rainbow snare in support of their LGBTQI+ community for”neutrality” grounds, based on reports on a note provided for staff as June, or worldwide LGBTQI+ Pride Month, draws to a close.

“The Profession agreement sets the neutrality of the services first,” an email addressed to the civil servants of Antwerp read, regarding the usage of an LGBTQI+ rainbow snare to get the job done.

“Have you been in direct contact with citizens on your role as a city employee? Afterward you cannot wear the snare throughout working hours. Of course, you may wear the trap outside working hours. Do you work in a back-office position?

But, El Mzairh, raised difficulty with your decision, countering that”a government exudes its neutrality by adding all aspects of diversity”

“By not allowing diversity, the federal government will be absolving itself of a important task, namely to consider the lead also to normalise diversity,”El Mzairh added.

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