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Belgian man Badly injured after cliff fall in Italy

A Belgian man dropped off a cliff in Italy and can be in the hospital in a serious condition after his mind became wedged between 2 stones during the fall, which took place late Sunday evening close to the coastal town of Ventimiglia.

The accident happened at approximately 22:00 whilst the 50-year-old walkers was walking along the cliffs of Balzi Rossi beach and dropped.

He was lonely, and later crying for assistance, two passers-by found him and called local emergency response teams, that liberated the male’s mind out of its entrapment.

“He dropped off a cliff over the shore of Ventimiglia and also got his head caught in the stones,” an associate of the Italian fire department told Het Laatste Nieuws, confirming there have been no witnesses for his fall.

As stated by the fireman’s statements, the person was stuck for around two weeks, as he was just freed at around mid night.

“He was in very bad condition, but still living,” the fire fighter said.

The person was taken into a nearby hospital, and no information was published regarding his current state.

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