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EU Takes Action to Safeguard Water Quality and Ecosystems

Renew Europe Advocates for Stringent Measures to Combat Water Pollution

The European Union has taken a bold step forward in its commitment to protect water quality and aquatic ecosystems, with the adoption of revised legal frameworks in the field of water policy. This move, welcomed by the Renew Europe Group, aims to combat chemical pollution in groundwater and surface waters while preserving and restoring aquatic ecosystems, a vital component of public health.

Addressing the urgent need for action, Róża Thun und Hohenstein, representing Polska 2050 in Poland and serving as Renew Europe’s shadow rapporteur on water policy, emphasized, “It is time to act! Pollution from human activities is destroying our ecosystems. The recent disasters in the Oder River in Poland and in Mar Menor in Spain confirm the need to be prepared and act fast to protect our water bodies and avoid similar catastrophes in the near future.”

The revised legislation focuses on several key aspects:

  • Reducing Chemical Pollution: The updated legal frameworks prioritize the reduction of chemical pollution in both groundwater and surface waters. This commitment is crucial in safeguarding the health of aquatic ecosystems and the overall well-being of the population.
  • Innovation and Technology: Renew Europe fully supports the integration of the best innovations and new technologies into water policy. These advancements will enhance the capacity to detect hazardous chemicals quickly and address persistent and emerging chemical pollutants effectively, ultimately ensuring the highest water quality standards across the EU.
  • Expanded Watch List: The reformed legislation expands the watch list for dangerous substances. This expansion equips authorities in Member States with a more comprehensive list of potential threats, enabling them to take preventive measures promptly.
  • Source-Control Measures: The new legislation emphasizes the prioritization of source-control measures over end-of-pipe solutions. This proactive approach is expected to mitigate pollution at its source, reducing the likelihood of environmental disasters.
  • Cross-Border Cooperation: In a bid to enhance regional collaboration, the legislation requires Member States to promptly notify neighboring countries when they could potentially be affected by a pollution accident. This ensures a swift and coordinated response in the event of a crisis.
  • The adoption of these revised legal frameworks underscores the EU’s unwavering commitment to environmental protection and public health. By addressing water pollution and fostering healthy aquatic ecosystems, the European Union is taking significant strides towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

    As the EU continues to champion these critical measures, it reinforces its role as a global leader in environmental stewardship. The commitment to safeguarding water bodies and ecosystems not only benefits the current generation but also lays the foundation for a more resilient and sustainable planet for generations to come.

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