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Festivalgoers to be reimbursed for last-minute cancellation of VestiVille festival

Would be attendants of the VestiVille music festival is going to be reimbursed by two ticket sales organizations, the businesses said on Monday after the festival, set to occur at the weekend, was cancelled at the last second.

Festival goers who bought their passes via Eventbrite and also Festiticket is going to likely be refunded at the forthcoming days, with both organizations saying they will reach out to the big event’s organisers concerning the lastminute blackout.

VestiVille was expected to start up on Friday, June 28 at Lommel, Limbourg, however the town’s mayor ordered the festival to closed down hours before it started mentioning security concerns for both performers and sailors.

On its own website, Festiticket said it was now”liaising with the organiser to discover the specific reasons for its cancellation and check their next steps,” adding that they will contact clients regarding refunds in an expiry date.

Revenue system Eventbrite said it would issue”quick reimbursements” and attempt to recoup the reductions against the organisers of the festivals, according to social websites.

As news of  the cancellation emerged, walkers called out the organisers on their societal networking accounts, with one whining they’d paid”a lot more than 200″ but were still left to wait”outside under the hot sun” with”no info”

The others said that the organisers were not responding to mails and that they were”looking to get their money back.”

Festivalgoers who purchased their…

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