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Increased fines, Automated detection of more traffic Offenses as new regulations kick at

Unruly drivers will now face stricter penalties for driving offences and authorities will have the ability to automatically detect more traffic violations, like a new set of regulations comes into effect on Monday.

Under the regulations, a number of driving offences will then be viewed more acute, forcing up the number of fines and in some cases more than regretting it.

The fine for vehicles driving at the emergency stop strip will now face fines of up to $174, more than doubling the previous fine of $5 8, since the gravity of this infraction is ramped up by the new rules.

Passengers and towing vehicles of up to 7.5 tons that simply take over the other car on the highway while its raining will face a fine of 116 as opposed to $5 8.

The hiked fine will also connect with trucks , passenger coaches and other vehicles of over 3.5 lots who push the left lane of a three-way freeway.

The regulations will allow authorities to automatically detect vehicles driving from the flow of traffic, obstructing a roundabout or found to be in breach of traffic signs or sidewalk markings.

In addition to such infractions, all offences related to unruly over-taking of another vehicle have also been added to the list of violations effective at being discovered by Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology.

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