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MEPs call for action against Cuba in its alleged support for Russia

, Representatives of three European Parliament groups have denounced the Cuban authorities’ support of Russia in the war against Ukraine.

They have also attacked what they call “the continuous violations of human rights that must lead to the suspension of the political cooperation agreement between the European Union and the regime.”
MEPs Antonio López-Istúriz (EPP Group), José Ramón Bauzá (Renew Europe Group), and  Anna Fotyga (ECR Group) joined Rosa María Payá (Cuba Decide) and Erik Cartelle (Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba) in speaking out on the issue.

The group addressed the “important role that Cuba is playing by supporting Russia in the aggression against Ukraine.”

They highlighted another key takeaway of the recent resolution approved by the European Parliament: the call for the European Union to trigger Article 85(3)(b) of the PDCA to request an immediate meeting of the joint committee holding the Cuban regime accountable for its alleged violations of Universal Human Rights “which is an essential element of the agreement.”

Their comments come the same time as the EU-CELAC summit was taking place in the European Council.Commenting, Rosa María Payá told reporters, “The Cuban regime is the gateway for Russia and China to Latin America and a strategic ally in the invasion of Ukraine. Allowing the Cuban repressors to become brokers between the EU and CELAC is to place Europe at a disadvantage. We encourage the European Union to suspend the EU-Cuba agreement not only because of the innumerable atrocities that the regime continues to commit against its people, but also for the best interests of European citizens”.

Further comment came from Antonio López-Istúriz, from the EPP Group, who stated “Today, three different European groups have gathered here, because despite the fact that we have significant and minor differences, we are all steadfast defenders of freedom and democracy. If the EU-CELAC summit doesn’t publish a resolution condemning the Human Rights situation in the region and the Russian aggression towards Ukraine, we can all consider this summit as a failure.”

More comment came from José Ramón Bauzá, from the Renew Europe group, who declared “The EU cannot remain passive in the face of the violation of the political dialogue agreement with Cuba. We demand that Article 85 be activated and that the dictatorship be held accountable. The Union’s policy towards the Island must be fundamentally revised, because the Cuban people must be free.”

“As a Pole, the entirety of my public life is linked to the Solidarity movement, the fight against the communist regime in Poland. I am strongly convinced that the communist regime in Cuba has no future. Sooner or later, the necessary changes towards the democratisation of Cuba will take place”, added Anna Fotyga, ECR spokesperson for foreign affairs.

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