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Self-driving electric Shuttlebus to debut this Friday at Parc de la Woluwe

Members of the public will board the self-driving, bicycle shuttle bus’same’ for the first time this Friday at a park at the municipality of all Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.

While the bus has been on display in the park, it will only begin its trial span on Friday.

Passengers should have the ability to make use of it until the close of September, after which the bus is going to be tested at different locations, as mentioned previously.

The bus that could last twelve passengers at a period will travel to and from the municipality’s  Municipal Sports Centre and the park, stopping at Avenue de Tervuren along with Avenue du Parc de Woluwe along the way, as demonstrated by your statement by the public transportation firm.

The bus has a detection and location system at each of the vehicle’s four corners to have the ability to detect fixed and moving challenges that cross its course and react appropriately. The bus route is also designed with signposts so the vehicle can manage itself.

STIB staff will also be give direct travellers, record their opinions and study the behavior of the motor vehicle.

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