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“Stop confusing children’s sexual identity”, controversy on posters posted in the city

Italy (Brussels Morning) The outburst of the president of Arcigay Rosario Duca, who asks for the intervention of the Administration: “In addition to sending a false message, they incite transphobic hatred”. 

“Stop confusing children’s sexual identity”, complete with the hashtag “StopGender”. It is the writing printed on some posters put up in the city, in the Villa Dante area, with the invitation to donate 5 per thousand to the non-profit organization Pro Vita&Famiglia.

Below the writing is a photo of a child, “forced” to wear lipstick and a pink bow on his hair, and of a little girl, with a razor and shaving brush next to her.

The case was reported by the president of Arcigay Rosario Duca, who distanced himself from the message conveyed on the posters.

”This morning Messina wakes up with posters which, in addition to sending a false message, incite transphobic hatred. On this occasion, we will not explain the reasons for the falsity of what they say, as we would give them too much importance and we do not want to do so. Messina, which is in the READY network against all discrimination, cannot allow these transphobic attacks or other discrimination, which is why we have alerted the Equal Opportunities Councilor requesting their immediate removal.”

Already last September a similar poster, which appeared on the outskirts of Novate Milanese, was then removed by the administration of the Lombard municipality. 

The article was originally published in Italian by LetteraEmme here:

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