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Thousands of Catalans protest outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg

A few thousand Catalans are displaying outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday to denounce that three elected Catalan separatist politicians wouldn’t be allowed to share in the Parliament’s inaugural session.

Police estimate the amount of protesters to be approximately 4,000. The demonstrators have built a scene facing the institution, along with public transport cannot hit the Parliament, which now welcomes the 751 newly eleceted MEPs from the new European elections held in May.

Since Spain is obstructing the three elected Catalan separatist MEPs from taking office, the parliament’s opening session has been indicated with their three empty seats.

“Where would our votes proceed if individuals we vote can not then go and do their own duties?” To the river?” , whined a single protestor, pointing to the canal which flows adjacent to the Parliament.

“It is vital to be here, as in the Spanish borders our rights are oppressed,” he continued, wrapped at the Catalan regional flag.

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